Cebas psd-manager 3.2 for 3ds Max 9 – 2013
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  • Cebas已经推出了更新的@@@@PSD-Manager,是@@3ds Max的@@PSD输出口@@。可以@@解决将@@ID分配到目标物体的@@乏味工作@@。
      根据这款产品的@@介绍@@,PSD-Manager 3.0可以@@通过将它的@@新@@MatteShooter亚光绘画萃取技术和@@以@@PSD图层的@@形式@@输出场景层相结合@@,从而在没有@@ID的@@情况下制作@@mask。
      PSD-Manager 系统因采用了@@Render Cut-Outs输出模式而更显完美@@。可以@@“通过对@@象@@@@、ID对@@象@@、ID材料或者@@3ds Max图层将渲染出来的@@图像切成片@@”。
      新版本的@@其他功能还包括支持@@32-bit (HDR)文件@@,对@@V-Ray和@@finalRender的@@渲染预设以及对@@@@3ds Max 2012的@@支持@@。

    安装方法@@:1. Instal IP-clamp 1.2, *DO NOT REBOOT* and *DO NOT EXECUTE IT*!
    2. Fire our keygen, press Crack and pick Cebas/Ip-clamp dir.
       (only the public crypto key will be patched)
    3. Now you can reboot and make sure ipclamp service is running.
    4. Launch IP-Clamp.exe and choose 'localhost' as primary network adapter, apply.
    4. Create a request file using your personnal informations
       and a licence code generated by our keygen.
    5. Use keygen to generate a valid licence ipclamp.lic from this request.
       Save the lic where except in IPClamp's dir (otherwise you won't
       be able to import the it).
    6. Import your licence in IP-Clamp.
    7. Install every Cebas plug-ins you need.
    8. Enjoy it!


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