BonyFace 3.0 Extended|3DSMAX表情系统脚本插件@@@@BonyFace 3.0扩展版@@
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BonyFace 3.0 Extended|3DSMAX表情系统脚本插件@@@@BonyFace 3.0扩展版@@
BonyFace 3.0 Extended可以让用户创建一个基于骨骼的表情系统@@,通过皮肤权重在几分钟内就可以完成@@。脚本使用线条系统来@@“绘制@@”脸型@@,可自动生@@成设置@@,帮助用户建立直接或间接的@@“软@@”控制@@。 
  此次的@@BonyFace 3.0扩展版@@新功能主要包含眼睑及下巴的改进设置@@,以及控制@@的重置按键@@。Bonyface 3.0可兼容@@3ds Max 2008及以上版本@@。而增加了选择快速生成变形目标以及支持动画分层两个功能的@@BonyFace3.0Extended扩展版@@。

BonyFace 3.0 Extended(BonyFace 3.0扩展版@@)安装方法@@:
1. Extract to any dir, fire up 3ds max and drag and drop the BonyFace.mzp in to any viewport to install it.
2. Close 3ds max and go to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\en-US\UI\macroScripts\BonyFace and delete the toolbar.mse file (note that this is the location for 3ds max 2013 x64, might be different to you).
3. Copy paste the toolbar.mse from crack dir to that dir
4. Start max and go to Customize and find ScriptAttack and add BonyFace to your toolbar or menu.
5. Done

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