Massive Prime视频教程@@@@|Creating a Roman Warrior Agent in Massive Prime
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Massive Prime视频教程@@@@|Creating a Roman Warrior Agent in Massive Prime
通过本次培训结束时@@,您将能够从使用@@@@Massive Prime。
In this tutorial we'll learn how to create a Roman Warrior agent in terms of meshes, texture, skeleton and actions. We are going to start this training by giving some vital tips and instructions about creating our agent model and textures.
We'll then talk about the best ways to optimize and arrange the production files of this agent and learn how to create an agent skeleton in Massive. We will then export skin weight, meshes and textures from Maya to Massive and create some geometry and texture variations. We will learn how to re-target motion capture from an outsource skeleton to our agent skeleton using MotionBuilder and much, much more.
By the end of this training you will be able to create a Massive agent from scratch and add any action from different sources to be use in the production process.

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