DFMPro for SolidWorks 2.1 SP3(SW可制造性分析工具@@)
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    DFM Pro是一种可制造性设计分析工具领域里一次大的变革@@。针对较困难@@,价格昂贵甚至根本无法实施的生产制造@@,可制造性设计不仅仅@@让其成为了现实@@,提高了生产的有效性@@,还能很好的区别于其他设计@@。目前这种可制造性设计采用先进的内造原则@@,完善碾磨@@,钻孔@@,旋转@@,金属薄片加工等生产过程@@,使之效率最大化@@。我们还可以根据顾客需要@@,采用特定的设计原则@@,满足不同的需求@@。




    DFM Pro is a revolutionary design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis tool that facilitates quick and upstream manufacturability validation and identification of design aspects that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture. The tool has advanced in-built design rules for validating manufacturing processes like milling, drilling, turning and sheet metal fabrication, and can also be customized to adhere to specific designing rules.

    The highlights of the new version include:

    New pre-programmed rules for sheet metal fabrication: Users can now validate designs using rules that cover minimum acceptable bend radius, minimum required distances between cutouts, as well as part boundaries and bends. In addition, users can also validate slots for minimum width requirements.

    Generate reports as e Drawings file: With this option, instances violating manufacturing guidelines and related details can now be dynamically viewed offline in 3D

    Support for assemblies: DFM Pro rules can now be executed on assemblies thus providing huge savings on execution time. Multiple parts in an assembly can be validated using a single run of the software.

    Support for feature count and parameters calculation: Within the DFM Pro customization framework, a simple macro is provided, which will generate feature count and parameter information along with gross part parameters for models in a tabular format. Using this data, individual users can create their own template to perform simple manufacturing cost calculations using solid models.
    1) install program
    2) open license manager, license setup tab.
    3) Open gssl.lic and change port if so desired, otherwise leave it at 2090.
    4) Copy gssl.lic somewhere on your hard drive.
    5) In license manager, select floating license, put in host and port 2090 (port can be changed in license if needed)
    6) server settings tab, point it to your gssl.lic
    7) Install license service, start it. Enjoy!

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